Sharing, Bandwidth and Fair Use

The VaultServices service allows for backup, storage, sync and share functionalities.


It is not designed nor intended for mass distribution or commercial use. It is not designed to operate as a Content Delivery Network (CDN - or a Content Management System (CMS -


This means that the Vaultservices solution is very well suited to share files and folders between family members, friends or employees of business.


However, it won’t be the right tool to distribute files to a large number of users or host files for a website or other use.


For this reason, we monitor bandwidth usage on a general basis. 


In specific cases, we may review bandwidth usage for individual users. One of the triggers for such reviews is bandwidth use vs plan capacity (ie using more bandwidth than the storage associated with your subscription).


This is considered over a period of several months, meaning that it’s not going to be an issue if you go over for a month (Multiple uploads + restores). However, we will most likely get in touch if your bandwidth usage repeatedly goes over your storage capacity.

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