How do I set up an automatic backup category?

To set up an automatic backup:

* Login to the Desktop Application and open the "Desktop Manager".

* Click on "Backups". The "Backup Configuration" window will pop open.

* Click on "Add Category". The "Backup Details" window will pop open.

* Set the name for your backup on the "Name" field.

* To include files of all extensions, simply leave the "Extensions" field blank. If you want to backup only specific extensions, list the extensions on the "Extensions" field (separate each extension with ",").

* Click "Add" to add the location of the files you want to backup.

* Modify the backup frequency on the "Scheduling" section.

* If you want to exclude any directory from this backup category, add the directory list in the "Exclusions" section.

* Click "OK" to go back to the "Backup Configuration" window.

* Click "Save" on the Backup Configuration window to close and run the new backup category.

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