Why do I need to email CompliantData from the email address associated with my account?

Our top priorities are the security and integrity of your online data backup and storage. In line with this commitment, we require that  support requests are received from the email address associated with your account. This allows us to verify that we are speaking with the account holder before accessing important information in your account profile. It also ensures that we can offer the most expedited responses to customer service requests for our subscribers.

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    Vault Services Support

    To further drive this point home, if we receive a request to look into the details of an account from Joe Smith from joe_smith59468246@gmail.com who had an  account associated with his business address, joe_smith@ABCcompany.com, we will request that Joe then sends an email with the same request from his business address. Most of the time, this a simple request and a verfication that allows us to verify we are speaking with the account holder. However, let's say Joe Smith no longer works at ABC Company and is trying to access confidential company files against the wishes of ABC Company management. Assuming that his ABC Company email address is no longer active, he will be unable to send an email from this address, serving as an important security flag to the our support team.

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