How to share a folder using right-click menu?

When you want to share any folder, the folder must already be inside the Everywhere folder. This is necessary in order for the shared folder to be synchronized across different users.

  • Find the folder in the Everywhere folder that you would like to share.
  • Right-click on the folder that you would like to share.
  • Follow Vault Services and click Share this folder

  • This will open up the Share Folder window in your default browser. 
  • Click on the folder that you want to share and click Share Folder button.

  • Share Folder window will appear and ask you for the email address of the person(s) you would like to share this folder with. 
  • Enter the e-mail address and click Share Folder button. Once you've shared the folder with them, a confirmation page will appear, saying "The folder has been shared successfully".
  • The person you've share the folder with will get an email notification. If the user already has an Vault Services account with the same e-mail address, they will also receive notification on the Vault Services App.
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