What is the best way to upload files or folders to my Storage Account on an ad-hoc basis?

We suggest two main ways to upload files or folders to your Storage Account on an ad-hoc basis.

1. Using the Desktop Application. To upload files from your computer to your Account, use the Explorer interface in the Desktop Application. The top half of your screen is your Storage Account, and the bottom half mirrors your Local Computer (the hard drive of the machine you are currently using).  Drag-and-drop a file from your Local Computer on the bottom half of the screen to your Storage Account on the upper half of the screen.

2. Using the Website Application. Login to the website and click on the "Upload" icon in the "Access Your Files" tab. Browse your hard drive to locate and open the files or folders you'd like to add to your Storage Account.

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    Vault Services Support

    Additional tips for ad-hoc uploads:

    For your convenience, files that have been backed up job using the Desktop software mirror the exact path of the local drive they are uploaded from. An ad-hoc upload, however, will be maintained wherever you drop it, so please note where you leave these files.

    Please note that for optimal speed and performance, we suggest using the Desktop Application if you are running a large backup job and/or plan on uploading more than just a few files and folders.

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